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Sex Love & Intimacy Coach
Sex love and Relationship Coach
Online Sex Therapist

I deeply invite you to claim a pleasure based life of Conscious Sex, Radical Love, and Evolutionary Relationships!

Blessed Be,

Lady Nimue

"Welcome! I offer sexual healing, sexual empowerment and awakening as a tantric sex therapist, through couples intimacy coaching, self pleasure coaching, dating & relationship therapy including polyamory and EMN."


Bodhi is the Sanskrit name meaning "Awakened" or "Enlightened". The Buddhist concept of Bodhi is the spiritual awakening or final enlightenment and freedom from the cycle of life, leading it Nirvana or spiritual release. With Tantra you can meditate through sex to reach Bodhi!

Love and Intimacy
online sex coach
Self Pleasure Practice
self love pleasure
Conscious Dating
Loving Couple
Polyamory and ENM
Group Bonding
Relationship Transformation
relationship coach
Taoist Tantric Sex

      Couples Coaching Retreats

Commit to the aliveness and quality of love and intimacy in your relationship with one of my two-day immersive couples coaching retreats, a beautiful alternative to couples counseling and marriage therapy. 

Break down barriers and have bunches of playful fun going through the Enlightened Lovers series, focusing on sensational, wild, tantric, kinky, and electric sexual experiences. 

Or deep dive into the spirituality of tantric sex with your loved one in the Tantric Sex series, experiencing profoundly connective and spiritually awakening guided practices. 

Or your partnership could be revolutionized through a bonding and rebuilding journey of communication, healing, connection, and intimate practices in the Relationship Transformation series.

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