ABOUT Bodhi Tantra

I started my practice in 2016 after living and going to school in Thailand. Over the years I have had additional training to add more healing modalities to my practice that I absolutely love, and am very excited to offer. I strive to offer coaching services that are unique, but ever so needed in current times, around sex, love, intimacy, and relationships. Especially with the emerging cultural and sexual awakening that is fast approaching our society. My work heals both the body and mind. Whatever you have going on in your intimate, sexual, relational, or love life... I can help guide you on your journey to self and discovery. In these times, I am now offering my coaching sessions virtually through Zoom going forward. 

Short Saga of Nimue le Fay

I am a practicing witch, on my journey to becoming a Wiccan high priestess with the Sacred Mists Academy of Magickal Arts and Sciences. All life is sacred, and I am proud to own a healing practice where I am free to work with all elements of sentient beings. I always aim to awaken people's energy during their session with me, with a little bit of magick. 

I have lived in Chico since 2006 when I started college at Chico State. I graduated with a BS degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I then worked in Clinical Nutrition for five years. I since have practiced with an emphasis in Ayurveda nutrition and Herbalism.

I spent the summer of 2016 in Chiang Mai, Thailand where I went to to school to learn Thai massage. I am certified in all four levels of Northern Style Thai Massage, and will be Registered as a Thai Therapist very soon​

I am a believer in the energy pathways found within all of us. My personal practice and fascination with our Chakras, and study of human energy fields has led me to offer Chakra readings and healing sessions. I am a certified Chakra Energy Healer. 

I am a Certified Tantra Wellness Practitioner. The ancient philosophy of Tantra is my passion and spiritual path. After various courses, personal practice, retreats, workshops, and self study of true and authentic Tantra, I feel called to share this way of life with others through my coaching practice. I am currently attending the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality, founded and taught by Layla Martin, to become certified as a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach in 2020!

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