As my focus narrows in on my coaching work, I am limiting the bodywork I offer. I will continue to offer Chakra balancing session though, as our chakras play a huge role in the Tantra work I offer. Lingam and Yoni healing work will continue to be available to coaching clients only. Blessings!



Lingam and Yoni massage sessions are for existing coaching clients who would benefit from a sexual healing touch and are seeking a deeper spiritual connection with their higher self. Tantric Healing/ pelvic floor bodywork is an alternative healing practice that is becoming more known and accepted, as the stigma of fear attached to sexuality and the body lessens in modern culture. Since the latter decades of the 20th century, Tantra (an esoteric science of sacred sexuality) has become well known in the U.S. and western culture. Tantric healing provides a vocabulary and methodology for addressing issues and challenges associated with an individual’s sexual energy and emotional/sexual trauma.



Cupping Therapy has been used in cultures all over the world since primitive times. We have come a long way with advances in technique and precision with the pressure used. Cupping is the only form of deep tissue bodywork that allows for a reverse pressure (suction) of the soft tissues, pulling out interstitial debris (eg. toxins) to be expelled through the lymph system, alleviating pain/ trauma/ scar tissue in that part of the body.


Lifts and Manipulates Fascia 


Waste Romoval

Encourages Circulation

Tissue Regeneration

Enhansed Hydration

Alleviates Adhesions



Do you feel out of balance? Emotional, tired, sick, trouble communicating, or inhibited to think or function optimally? What to find out why? And what to do about it? All physical issues begin in our Chakras!! My Chakra Balancing session is a fun, relaxing, and informative way to get back to your 100%. We will find the source of your imbalance, heal past traumas, align and unblock your energy, and get you on the path to feeling centered again.


Pendulum Reading

Life Assessment

Tuning Fork Sound Bath 

Crystal Healing  


Color Therapy




Thai stretching is much different than what many think of as a regular massage therapy. It's more interactive, quite fun, and you can really feel the benefits afterwards! It can heal your body in ways you never would have imagined. Thai bodywork is a combination of assisted yoga, acupressure, and zen shiatsu. Along with working your muscles, it involves acupressure along your energy (sen) lines, and manipulating your body with passive stretching.