"all physical issues begin in our Chakras"

Reading, Assessment, Balancing, Healing
1 hour session $80

Chakra healing is a form of energy healing that can be used when someone is feeling ill or stress, or simply to ensure well-being. Chakras are energy centers that channel energy throughout your body, and reflect what is happening to you now. They work together, so when one or more is blocked, it impairs the working of other chakras, causing imbalances that can hamper your emotional and physical well-being. The state of your chakras is related to your current life situation, but they are also affected by your past experiences. Variations in chakras can tell your life story and describe the imbalances in it.


Everyday life brings multiple sources of stress and demands that result in fluctuations in our energy levels. Our environment and the way we live affects our chakras. When the body's energy can't flow freely, problems can occur and chakras can become blocked. This can cause illness or sense of being out of balance, as well as emotional or spiritual ailments. Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system. This translates into a feeling of well-being, centeredness, and increased vitality. The purpose of chakra balancing is to support a balanced flow to sustain your overall level of energy and physical health.


pendulum reading

verbal assessment

color therapy



crystal healing

sound bath



"Enchanted bodywork is a great place. Awesome thai message. Definitely worth going to with a great staff. Highly recommended"


“The massage I received was very relaxing/rejuvenating and I appreciated the attention to detail in the movements. Great stretches and movements that give you confidence in your body that it will perform when called upon... all together a nice liberating experience.”


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