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Epic Lovers Intimate Intro

  • 30Days
  • 7Steps


Say YES to electrifying your relationship in and out of the bedroom and exploring new edges of sexual pleasure together with my Epic Lovers guide! I'm so excited for you to explore the practical step-by-step exercises in this course and totally uplevel the amount of intimacy, passion, and pleasure you experience in your relationship. With the Epic Lovers course, you’ll be taking a big leap forward in experiencing deeper love and sexual connection with your partner, the type that will have you waking up each morning grateful and excited for what pleasures the day will bring for you as a couple! In this course, you’ll experience… Sensational Sex: by enhancing your explosive sexual sensitivity Electric Sex: by learning to create sexual electricity and passionate chemistry using your breath and sexual turn-on Wild Sex: by ridding yourself of sexual blockages and embracing your impulsive, instinctive, and primal sexuality Tantric Sex: by using basic rituals, meditations, and esoteric knowledge to experience the fascinating world of sacred sex Kinky Sex: by bringing power play, edginess, and fantasy into the bedroom and experiencing the rush of pushing boundaries and exploring taboos Enlightened Sex: by letting go of control and embracing polarities in the bedroom to bring one another to your intimate, erotic, and soulful edges


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