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Erotic Confidence Crash Course

  • 30Days


20 Day Challenge to become the most Sexually Magnetic and Confident YOU!! Each day you will be given a new bite size 5 minute challenge or practice to move you towards erotic confidence. Maybe you’ve always wanted rock-solid confidence in the bedroom… But there’s always been a judgy voice in your head blocking it… Or an image of what your body SHOULD look like… Or self-critical thoughts of what you should be doing. Our minds love to hijack what should be amazing, pleasurable moments… But when you start to cultivate a positive relationship with your body and sexual nature in your everyday life… You’ll see yourself blossom into a person who loves showing up as their sexiest self for their partner. This means SO much more than just affirmations and positive self-talk… Reignite your desire and infuse your day-to-day life with more pleasure. Learn how to show up fully for yourself in deep love and unconditional acceptance. Discover my sexiest tips and tricks both in and outside of the bedroom. Connect deeply with your body and cultivate a heightened sensitivity. Increase your capacity for pleasure in everything you do. Rewrite and define YOUR sexy for you - no one else. Feel safe, secure, and confident in your sexual magnetism. (Some of the the language in the audio are geared toward women, but these practices are applicable to all genders!)


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