Sex and Intimacy Coaching


Please fill out the Appointment Application form at the bottom of the page to request starting a coaching series. You will receive a call back within one business day to discuss your application.


Candler // Asheville NC

United States

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Tel: 828-414-8822


Appointment Only

Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm

Sat: Varies

Sun: Unavailable

1. Thoroughly read everything on my website, especially about the work you are interested in applying for. Do not fill out an application until you have done so.
2. Understand that all of my coaching work is offered as a package, as presented throughout my site. There are no individual coaching sessions. Any coaching series can be completed in person, over zoom, or a combination of both for out of town clients. A retreat style format is also an option, completed within two full days.
3. Plan ahead of time! I require a minimum of 1 week notice to start new work with a client on a weekday. Minimum 2 weeks notice to ever schedule on a Saturday. 
4. Only apply if you are ready to commit to this work and begin within three weeks.
5. When filling out an appointment application below, put considerable thought into your goals and reason for wanting to do this work. I look for a paragraph answer.
6. If I am unable to get a hold of you within 3 days, your application will be deleted. Please check for a response email from me, and be available for a phone call during my business hours. You will then be offered a free 15 min zoom consult.
7. Be ready to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking your series. All prices for everything I offer are clearly listed.