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Sex and Intimacy Coaching


Please fill out the Application form at the bottom of the page to initiate starting your transformational coaching journey. You will receive a call back within one business day to discuss your application. Bodywork inquiries do not require a paragraph answer, except for Tantra massage... I expect a VERY thought out response. Thank you!


Chico CA

United States

Video Call Virtual Office


Tel: 828-414-8822


Due to the sensitive coaching work I offer, I can only consider applicants that have followed the:
1. Thoroughly read everything on my website.
2. Be ready to
 begin within three weeks.
3. Understand that all of my coaching is offered as a series.
4. Plan ahead of time, there are no same day appointments.
5. Put considerable thought into your goals for wanting to do this work.
6. Unscheduled applications will get deleted after one week. 
7. You may purchase an 
optional 15 min zoom consult.
8. Be ready to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.


Mon - Tues: 10am - 4pm

Wed: 10am - 11:30am / 1:30pm - 4pm

Thursday: 10am - 12:30pm / 1:30pm - 3:30 pm

Friday: 10am- 2:45pm

Sat/Sun - Unavailable



Thank you so much for making it this far through my website! Taking the time to fill out this application helps me accept the best clients for my practice. I do understand that it can be an inconvenient step; but it truly helps me feel comfortable and confidant in accepting someone as a client, in light of the sensitive nature of the work that I offer. I also want to make sure you've taken the time to read over my website, fully understand the work you are applying for, and are certain you are ready to move forward before submitting an application. I do get numerous calls/texts a day, many from those who do not appreciate the sacredness of Tantra, and this application allows the highest quality clients to get my full attention. So if you know that you are someone I would want to work with because your intentions align with the values of my healing practice, please help me see you as the high quality client that you are! Love and Light... Blessed Be

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