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A modern improved version of an ancient form of alternative medicine. 

A minimum of four weekly sessions is recommended for effective results.
$70/hour or 40/half hour


Cupping has been uses for thousands of years in different cultures from around the world. I use a manual pump gun with polycarbonate plastic cups which allows for  a more controlled level of negative pressure (suction) than other types up cups. These come in many different sizes to perfectly fit each body part. Each session can incorporate a few different techniques; keeping the cups stationary after application, moving and sliding the cups, and the lift-and-release method for more sensitive areas. 



Physiological Responses- negative pressure, vasodilation, enhanced fluid exchange and hydration, clears interstitial debris (old blood deposits, cellular waste, metabolic waste, medication, toxins, foreign objects) from the body, alleviates adhesions, encourages circulation, lifts and manipulates fascia, tissue regeneration, encourages neovascularization, and alleviates excess pressure on organs. Marks- are a response to interstitial debris being released during some cupping sessions, and is a sign that there has been a significant therapeutic release in the tissue. They last from a few hours to a few days. 

Common Conditions Treated with Cupping

Stress Relief and Overall Back Tension

Neck and Shoulder Tension

Low Back Pain

Frozen Shoulder

Elbow Problems

Carpal Tunnel


IT Band Restrictions

Knee Problems

Plantar Fasciitis


Acid Reflux


Sinus Congestion

Acute and Chronic Inflammation

Athletic Performance


Scar Tissue

Pulmonary Conditions

*Lymphatic Drainage- a systemic flushing of various residues and waste material


"Great experience! I have suffered from back pain and overall tightness in my neck and shoulders for years. The massage was great, i had more mobility and stiffness was gone. The setting was relaxing, comfortable and very professional. Will definitely be back!"


"I went in with lower back pain. The stretches helped out a lot. My range of movement was immediately better, and even better the next day."


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