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Below are common inquiries I have answered, to hopefully make your understanding of what I offer more clear.

1. How do I know which coaching series is best for me, or which one to start with?

I have created a flow chart on the bottom of the main coaching webpage that outlines each series in what order they are meant to be done in. I have also included a short big picture description. Some people may benefit from starting at level 1, some at level 2, and others at level 3. This chart should help you determine where is best for you to start your journey.

2. I noticed all of your coaching is set up as a series with multiple sessions. I am from out of town just visiting, can I just do a single coaching session?


No. There is much to cover in each themed series. This is deep and profound work, with each session in a series building upon the previous one. I would not feel there is value in only receiving a single session from a series, as the first sessions are mostly an introduction and building blocks. I offer all of my coaching over zoom, so living distance from Chico will not hinder anyone from pursuing this work. Anyone is welcome to do as much of a series as they would like in person, and the rest over zoom. Another option is doing a coaching series in a retreat style format, completing all the sessions within two full days.

**Possible exception for couples only... I can guide you through a two hour Tantric Experience for $350. This single session does not aim to resolve any sexual or relational issues, nor does it dive deep into teaching you Tantric spirituality or advanced practices. It is a short overview of eight basic Tantric practices, both sexual and non sexual.

3. I notice the prices for your coaching work are in total sums, to be paid at the beginning of each series. Can I do a payment plan?

Yes. I prefer payment be made in cash (or through Venmo for Zoom clients) at the start of the coaching series you are doing, with a 20% non-refundable deposit required at time of booking. I do however offer payment plans where you would fill out a credit card authorization form at the time of booking, and then immediately begin being charged each week automatically, divided by the number of total session in the series. But I do charge an extra 10% fee on the listed price for the use of any cards as payment. All prices for everything I offer are clearly listed.

4. Do you still offer your bodywork?


Some. I have transitioned my focus to doing mostly my coaching work. I will typically only see people for bodywork if they are already a coaching client. Though I may offer a Chakra balancing session, as an introduction sort of meet and greet session, because our Chakras play a huge part in the Tantra coaching work we do. I will also continue to offer Tantra massage healing work only  to existing coaching clients on a case by case basis. 

5. I want to learn the practices one would do with a partner like lingam and yoni massages, but do not currently have a companion to do a couples coaching series with. Are you ever involved in the coaching practices? // Will you be my "partner" for the practices in the couples series?


No. I will never participate in any of the practices in the coaching sessions. This is hands off coaching, I am there to verbally guide you through the practices. An individual may only do self-work in a series designed for a single person. To learn couples practices, you will need to have a partner in the sessions. 

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