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A unique spiritual, connective, and healing experience

6 Week SELF LOVE Coaching Series $1000 60 minutes per week (OR $184 as individual session)
Breath & Energy Work, Meditation, Conscious Self Pleasure, Sexual and Non-Sexual Practices

Tantra is the ability to rise above worldly pleasures and desires and to connect with your inner energies. This coaching series will focus on all 5 pillars of Tantra practice, to help you connect sexually, spiritually and emotionally with your higher self and the universe, and to achieve a greater level of self-acknowledgement. During these sessions, your coach will provide hands-off guidance through various practices. I will guide you through a series of exercises aimed to deepen your understanding of the Tantric path. These exercises are playful, connective, sensual, thought provoking, intimate, and will help you develop your own Tantric practice with your higher Self and any partner. Each session in the 6 week series builds upon the previous one, and is completely different than the rest. The coaching series can be purchased as individual sessions, but still must be experienced in sequential order.


Week 1. Freedom

Week 2. Power

Week 3. Shadow

Week 4. Love

Week 5. Presence

Week 6. Purpose


Week 1. Loving your Sexuality

Week 2. Sensational Ectasy

Week 3. Pleasure Capacity

Week 4. Sexual Energy

Week 5. Inner Sex Goddess

Week 6. Mastering Orgasmic Bliss

"The Tantric way is open to all the richness of human nature, which it accepts without a single restriction." The Tantric path unites apparent opposites into totality or oneness, including: sexuality with spirituality, masculine with feminine, playfulness with depth, relaxation with stimulation, meditation with experience, and the shadowy parts of ourselves with the light of conscious awareness. The Tantric path is a path of healing those distorted places and freeing the pure life-force energy so that we become pure manifestations of our true divine Self.

Tantra is based upon an understanding that the universe embraces both duality and oneness, honoring individuality yet acknowledging a unifying principal. Everything is Sacred. The path of Tantra is about being able to see that. Tantrics act in a way that makes space for sacredness. Desire can be a path to the Divine. By meeting desire with full loving awareness, we can return to a state of our original innocence. Use polarity to attain unity. Tantra works with the attraction of opposites, in presence of love to create unity. Sublimate sexual energy. A core practice is to learn to raise sexual (Kundalini) energy up through the whole body, from sex to superconsciousness. Transfiguration. This is the ultimate aim in Tantra; to see the Divine in and through everything. 

Before developing a Tantric sexuality, we often need to heal some old patterns and beliefs. It is important to bring healing and awareness to the root area of the body as it holds the potential of the life-force energy that can power up the rest of our body and our lives! The negative messages we receive as children about sexuality often block the energy flow. It is not only about freeing the sexual energy, but also channeling it. Sexual energy is closely connected to nature and our own naturalness. Sexual energy is our creative force.​

Benefits of Tantra 

Increased awareness of life

Nourishes your body and brain

Improve your mental state

Connect with your Divine self

Teaches you patience and perseverance

Improve blood circulation

Unity of the Universe and our body

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