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As a Relationship Coach who has studied and embodies the art and philosophy of love and sex with freedom being my North Star, plus 10 years of personal practice and study of Polyamory and ENM... I present to you a deeply enriching, thought provoking, and life changing journey through navigating your polyamorous relationships. I am here to help guide you and give you the support you need... in this WONDERFUL yet incredibly CHALLENGING lifestyle. This series is a compellation of my decade of experience plus 10 books from experts in the field, of which I have pieced together the vital information, practices, questions, and exercises to give you the best chance of success at this Alternative Path of Love.

The Navigating Polyamory Coaching Series is a bit different that the rest of my coaching series. There are no sexual practices or nudity in this series, and it is not completely practice based like the others. I will guide you through some practices and assign exercises for homework, I will also be providing LOTS of direction and education on important concepts and principals, but the majority of the work is guided discussion with hundreds of thoughtfully crafted questions​ to help you successfully navigate all corners of your journey. Essential things to consider, all necessary in crafting a healthy and prosperous life with your "many loves".

~~Weekly Payment Plans Are Available~~
Individual: Series with 1 hour sessions $1000
Couple: Series with 90 minute sessions $1500
Polycule (3 or more): Series with 2 hour sessions $2000

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10 Week Series

For Solo Poly, Partnered Poly and Polycules: Navigating the In's and Out's of Ethical Non-Monogamy

Week 1: Myths, What Polyamory Is and Isn't, Benefits, and Good vs Bad Reason to Choose Polyamory

Week 2: Self-Awareness: Is Non-monogamy a Good Fit for Me? Would I be a Good Poly Partner?

Week 3: Self-Care in Polyamory; Structures, Relationship Styles, and Tools for Success

Week 4: Crafting Your Relationship or Opening Up from a Couple

Week 5: Rules, Boundaries, Agreements, and Consent

Week 6: Risks, Common Problems, Conflicts and Challenges

Week 7: Jealousy and Compersion; Communication Pitfalls and Difficult Conversations

Week 8: All about SEX - Safer Sex, Group Sex, Kinks and BDSM, Tantra Ritual, What makes Sex Good?

Week 9: Meeting (and Embracing) your Metamours; Relationship Transitions and Breakups

Week 10: Community, Finding your Tribe, & Coming Out

Image by Helena Lopes

​​Quotes from Practicing Poly People

  • "In general after a night of playing with others, we are very hot for each other, have the most amazing sex, and have the strongest feelings of confidence in our own relationship."

  • "Putting limits on my love is like putting a leash on me. Even if it isn't tight around my neck, knowing it's there is enough. I like being with my partners because I want to, not because I have to."

  • "I am someone's soul mate, someone's slut, someone's youth, someone's girlfriend. Sometimes I'm all of those at once. My partner's inspire me to love, take care of me, call me their slut, and take me out for sushi. It's good to have all those qualities, and rare to find them in one person."

  • "I get to live the realness of knowing that my partner and I have desires for others and we are able to negotiate and explore them with respect to each other as primaries."

  • "I am very independent, autonomous, adventurous person. I start to feel suffocated and antsy when my life feels too domestic and mundane. Multiple relationships forced me to stay in the moment and on my toes emotionally, to communicate better, and to face fear on a weekly basis."

  • "I enjoy seeing my other partners happy with someone else. It makes me happy to see them being happy and made happy by someone. It also strengthens our relationship because they bring that love and happiness back to us."

  • "I'm a bisexual switch with a vanilla streak married to a non-switching dom, if we weren't open sexually we couldn't be together, no matter how deep are love for each other. Having outside partners to fill the gaps in our compatibility prevents resentment and ill will; this way no one is viewed as deficient in any way or seen as an adequate."


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