HELLO and WELCOME! What is this Blog about?

Welcome to my PERSONAL SEX LOVE AND RELATINSHIP LIFE! Yep, you now get a complete inside view of how I implement my tantra teachings into my personal life and how they connect. This blog is written to the audience of my clients or potential clients, but anyone is welcome to use the information and stories I share as a teaching tool. During my coaching sessions, I tend to always pull from my life experiences if it is relevant to the situation at hand. Now I want to completely put it all out there for everyone to learn from. My husband and I have a wonderful and exciting open relationship with a unique approach, and it flows really well for us. But we still occasionally have issues we need to work through. So in this blog you will get to read about our struggles and the tools we use to overcome problems, detailed stories about our incredible sex life, highs of our relationship and infinite love, also hard lessons and beautiful joys that come with new partners we share intimacy with over time. Each blog post will be of a significant event or experience, not just our normal day to day. I am starting this blog on our 1 year anniversary, so the very next post will be a summary of our first year together. I invite you to get to know us a little first before we start this journey, see how we conduct our relationship and what our foundation looks like, get familiar with some common themes woven in throughout our initial 12 months as life partners, and see us as real people just doing our best. We both strongly agree that our connection was divinely created for a greater purpose than ourselves, and we feel called to be an example, an inspiration for others on what true freedom in love can look like.

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