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A Journey to Conscious Connective Intimacy through discussion and tantric practices... a fun and deeply connective alternative to traditional couples' counseling and marriage therapy. Individuals can manifest and prepare for soulmate love in the Dating series! EVERYONE can deep dive into the Tantric Sex series. The core series will work through any long standing issues, traumas and blockages around sex, love, and relationships. 

Radical love, sex and relationship therapy...a journey to conscious connective intimacy is frequently experienced with live sexual tantric practicesThese are mostly activity and practice based coaching series. Many sessions require you to feel comfortable being nude while guided through tantric exercises with sexual touch (to include only yourself and your partner, your coach is never a participant in the tantric practices), in the presence of your coach. This work focuses on sexual or relational dysfunction/issues/traumas/blockages that may arise around and within loving connections/partnerships/relationships.  We will go over many tutorials of tantric or sexual practices that you will do for homework or in the session. This series is for EVERYONE who has a desire to grow within themselves or in a partnership, and to work through whatever is holding them back from the deepest love and most extraordinary pleasure in their life. 

Sessions with live sexual tantric practices (**)

                                    CORE COACHING SERIES

Session 1. Identify Goals

- The Desire System

Session 2. Identify Limiting Beliefs

- 5 Senses Reality

- Mind/Body Mapping

- Exploring the Body/Mind

Session 3. Liberating the Family Dynamic

- Mother/Father Transformation

- Genital and Belly Breathing

Session 4. Embracing the Inner Child

- Integrating the Inner Child

- Breast Massage/Testicle Massage**

Session 5. Creating a Thriving Sexual Ecology

- The Ecology of Thriving

- High Vibration and Ecological Support in the Nervous System**​

Session 6. Manifest Desires

- Feeling Worthy and Deserving of Your Desires

- Sex Magic or Embodied Breath Manifestation**

Session 7. Finding Emotional Empowerment

- Meeting Your Emotions with Loving Presence

- Liberating the Sensations**

Session 8. Holistic Sex // Power of Intentional Self-Pleasure

- The Holistic Sex Practice**

- Full Body Orgasm and Trauma Release**

Session 9. Journey to Self Discovery

- Exploring the Unconscious Networks

- Resting in Eternal Wholeness

Session 10. Vibrant and Healthy Relationships​

- Gaining Relationship Clarity

- Purge and Witness

~~Any series can be completed on a weekly session schedule OR in a two day retreat style format~~

10 Session INDIVIDUAL Core Coaching Series 1 hour sessions $1250 (Scholarship Program $750)
Guided discussion and practice based coaching including themed exercises with your higher self
10 Session COUPLES Core Coaching Series 90 minute sessions $2000 (Scholarship Program $1200)
Guided discussion and practice based coaching with themed exercises with your partner


Extension series work with a more focused topic in one of my advanced specialty areas of practice. Think of the core coaching series as your GE education, and adding an extension series is like picking a major. An extension series would ideally be done after the core coaching series is complete, but special permission may be given to those who feel able to skip the core coaching series. 

For Couples 2 hour sessions
(Scholarship Program $900)

Session 11. Finding Clarity

  • Relationship Assessment

  • Couple Bubble  

Session 12. 7 Connection Tools

  • Heart Breath

  • Sacral Support

Session 13. 9 Communication Tools

  • Holding Space Training

  • The Reveal

Session 14. 5 Deep Healing Practices

  • Healing at the Root

  • Core Wound and Core Need

Session 15. Tantric Intimacy**

  • Sex Breathwork

  • Penis and Pussy Massage

  • Holistic Sex Tools

Session 16. Erotic Intimacy**

  • Sandboxing

  • Exploring the Edge

For Couples $1750 2 hour sessions
Individuals $750 1 hour sessions

Session 11. Awakening Consciousness and Sacred Body**

  • Tantric Breath and Chakra Flow

  • Chakra Lovemaking

Session 12: Tantric Philosophies**

  • Soul Gazing

  • Sensational Play

Session 13. Tantric Sex Practices**

  • Intimacy Activator

  • Lingam and Yoni Massage

Session 14. 12 Keys for Better Sex**

  • Sex Alchemy

  • Full Body Orgasm

Session 15. 7 Sacred Sex Principals**​​

  • Primal Sacred Sex

  • Spirit Lovemaking

  • Sex Magic

For Individuals 90 minute sessions
(Scholarship Program $630)

Session 11. Dating from Self-Love**

  • Upward Spiral of Love

  • Breathwork and Orgasmic Nature

Session 12. Calling in Soulmate Love

  • Being Seen, Connection, and Commitment

  • Supporting Heart and Inner Child

Session 13. Clearing the Way

  • Ending Unhealthy Patterns

  • Integrating Blockages

Session 14: Dating from Power

  • Embodying the King or Queen

  • Heart and Soul Centered Dating

Session 15. Manifesting Desires**

  • Inner Sexual Alchemy

  • Sex Magic for Soulmate Love

Session 16. Dating Essentials

  • ​Personal Dating Code

  • Texting and Dating Apps

Benefits of Tantric Sex
  • Getting more of what you want in sex

  • Releasing sexual blocks and shame

  • Finding healing from sexual trauma

  • Awakening your sexual energy to flow freely within your body

  • Accessing your fullest pleasure and desire

  • Tuning into subtle energy

  • Discovering full-body and/or multiple orgasms

  • For people with penises, delaying orgasm or experiencing non-ejaculatory orgasms

  • Experiencing a new level of heart connection with your partner, a profound sense of intimacy, and loving presence

  • Longer lovemaking sessions, relaxation, and a quality of spaciousness

  • Enhanced communication and communion

  • Holistic mind-body-spirit connection with yourself and with your partner


"I signed up for the 6 week Conscious Dating program with Nimue, and it was truly transformative! I have struggled in my dating life for a long time, and Nimue helped guide me through exercises and prompts to identify some areas that have been holding me back. Each week builds on each other with new prompts and exercises. The program helped me gain more confidence in who I am and what I have to offer. It has definitely changed how I date, but more importantly how I have learned to love myself first. I have tools to better understand dangerous situations before I get myself into them, and how to recognize when someone is showing trustworthy signs. I would *highly* recommend this program to anyone, not even just single people."

- M.M.