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Scholarship Program

Some may feel that the coaching work I offer is a luxury service, and not accessible to all.  I feel this work is soooooooo necessary and life changing for so many of all ages in a variety of circumstances in modern society. Therefore, I am initially offering three of my coaching series at a scholarship price to those who qualify. These three are the most needed and foundational out of all my coaching work, the base level if you will.

~Core Love Sex & Relationship Therapy, Conscious Dating, and Relationship Transformation~

After you have completed one of THESE series, you may then do ANY of my coaching series on the scholarship program, which is 60% of the normal price. This does NOT apply to any bodywork.


Medicaid or SNAP recipient

Enrolled trade school or college student

Individual verified income less than $2000 per month

Couples verified income less than $4000 per month

Single parents

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