~ Women's Tantric Arts ~

Sacred Sexual Energy Cultivation Workshop

**Since I cannot promote this event on Facebook (you know.. a radical women's sexual empowerment gathering where we're all going to be skyclad practicing sex magick to enhance our pleasure capacity and heal sexual wounds)... PLEASE share this event so it can find the women it's meant for.**


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There is NOT a set date for this workshop YET! Once I have EIGHT women who are COMMITTED to this offering, have registered and paid in full, then we will collectively pick a date and time that works for all of us!

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What to Expect...

This will be 2 hours of guided Taoist Tantric practices... cleansing, healing, and activating our sacral chakra. The first part will be clothed feminine practices of the Tantric arts. The second part will be LIVE sexual {sacred self pleasure} practices, as we unlayer ourselves until our natural form is shown. The radiating glow of our feminine sexual energy will not be contained! That means you need to be very comfortable with this shared sacred space. I will be interviewing everyone before they register to make sure it is a safe container.


INNER Smile Lotus Meditation

YONI Breathing

FIRE and Water Microcosmic Orbit

WANDS of Healing Light

BREASTS Drawing in Heavens and Earth

FIVE Elements Breast Massage

SUN and Moon Yoni Qigong

SACRED Qi Self Massage

YONI Egg Tug of Love

BUTTERFLY Yoni Egg Series

This 2 hour workshop is $75.

**You will also need to bring a jade egg or yoni egg (with a string attached) with you to the workshop!**

Are you interested in one of my coaching series... but don't have the time to commit quite yet, or just want to get a glimpse of my work first? Then this offering is for you! PLUS this is completely different material, what we will do in this workshop is not found in any of my coaching sessions. My normal rate for this level of private coaching is $150/hour. So YAYYY for a guided group practices discount! Once you have registered, I will not be offering any refunds, as we will be picking a date and time that works for EVERYONE.

Posted 8/4/22